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Learn the proven framework on how to stand out... even if you aren't confident in your qualifications.

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Find Your Life's Direction 

Only 1 out of 5 students know what their life's purpose is. But with a little coaching, you can discover some powerful insights about your purpose! Together we will brainstorm and find a direction you are passionate about. 

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Create A Stand Out Profile 

Many applicants don't feel confident in their "resume". We will work step by step to put your purpose into action, build your confidence, and create a profile you will be proud to write about! 

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Create A Story You Are Excited About

Most students worry, "Have I done enough?" We will work together to create an authentic narrative you are excited to share and proud to carry with you in college and beyond. 


All Before You Start Your Application.

How The Pre-Essay Academy Works

Step 1: The Deep Dive

In my course pre-work we will complete an exercise designed to get everything you've EVER done on paper. We then go through all the details, and brainstorm to discover...

1. Your Value

2. Your Direction

3. Your Purpose

Once you have completed the Deep Dive we then....


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Step 2: Catch the Vision 

After we've gone over all of your accomplishments and aspirations, we then reframe your future purpose in a way that is engineered to make you stand out from 80% of the competition. That's right, you and me. 1-1. Not a class of other students listening in, not just communicating through a chat bot, no generic pre-recorded videos... its you and me changing the course of your life.

With your life vision created,  we then...

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Step 3: Your Customized Plan 

This is where the rubber meets the road! With you purpose defined, and your vision on paper, we then create a customized game plan on how you can put your purpose into action. We will brainstorm ways you can have an impact and create a profile you will be excited to share with colleges.

Then we move on to...

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Step 4: Progress Checkins

With all our prep work done, you are ready to write! In the academy there are three draft revision stages and each stage includes two weeks where you will write the drafts of all your essays. Then, you'll submit them to me and I'll do a hybrid essay review and provide helpful suggestions, insights, and personalized feedback. Once you have a clear vision of what to do for improvement, you move on to the next stage of writing.

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Step 5: Get Ready for the Essay Academy 

You've done it! All your hard work has paid off! After all the draft revision stages, we will do a final essay review and you'll get the "all clear" to submit. But this isn't just a normal essay review, we will run through your entire application to make sure the messaging is on point and telling YOUR story. 

And just like that, you can start Senior year confident you have written the best essay of your life!

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Pre-Essay Academy Timeline

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 Weekly Time Commitment


  • Expect 2-3 hours a week comprised of 1-1 Monthly Strategy Sessions, guided homework, & goals.
  • You will be pushed to expand your horizons and talk with new people, professionals, and others.
  • Our monthly (and sometimes weekly) check ins will be all about helping YOU build your purpose!

Meet Your Mentor

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Christian Hansen

As a former Associate Director of Admissions I've read thousands of applications and have coached hundreds of students on how to stand out in the college application process. I've watched these strategies get students into their dream school time, and time again.

Which brings me to you…

This guided program will be filled with my best strategies on how to think, approach, and execute your college essays differently. In fact, I guarantee you will find our process together extremely insightful and transformative.

I look forward to working with you!

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What My Former Students Are Saying:

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Matt H.

Student, UC IRVINE

You gave me the confidence to succeed, and totally helped me re-think my application. I couldn't have done this without you.


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Mary F.


You are a LIFESAVER! Every parent needs to hear this! You totally guided us through the process. THANK YOU!

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Sarah A.

Student, BYU

Starting off I was completely overwhelmed, and had no idea where to start. You totally broke each step down and helped me learn strategies I had never even thought of!

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Mike P.


You opened our minds to look at the process in a completely different way-- and that made all the difference. Thank you.

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Christine L.

Student, UNC Chapel Hill

I feel totally confident and know what my mission is! I'm excited to make it happen at college!

Bottom Line: 

In Only 2-3 Hours Per Week, You Will Learn How To:

1. Capture Attention

2. Establish Credibility

3. And Cultivate Influence

So you can stand out when EVERYONE ELSE is trying to stand out too.


Get Ready To Learn: 

College Essays Are DIFFERENT Than High School Essays




Learn The Hidden Obstacles That Will Ruin Your Chances. Most people who apply have no idea that these obstacles even exist, and it completely tanks their applications. These obstacles cripple the majority of applicants and prevent them from standing out from the crowd. Not only will you learn the obstacles, but simple and easy to implement strategies that will help you avoid them!

Discover The #1 Application Mistake People Make. The majority of students make a crucial (and easily avoidable) mistake in their applications and it ruins their chances. Effective communicators on the other hand know how to side step this simple error and stand out every time. You’ll learn what this is, and how to plan ahead!

Find Out My Top Application Strategy. This single strategy has helped more students refine their essays and get admitted than any other strategy I know. Knowing how to apply this will make you stand out from all other applicants, guaranteed.

Learn How To Find Your Purpose. Having a purpose driving your application is absolutely critical, but the problem is, most students have no idea where to start! I have a simple exercise  that I teach parents and students to help them not only define their goals, but learn how to position themselves apart form everyone else.



Learn How To Stand Out With Confidence 

I've sat across the desk from thousands of students as I guided them through the college app process. I know the hidden obstacles you face and I know how to help you through them!


Discover The Secrets Of Standing Out. Just like the incontrovertible laws of physics help airplanes fly, there are also proven ways to help you stand out from a crowd. Learning these secrets is not only possible, but you can hone and improve them as well! That means your chances of success can improve over time!

Get Ready To Know My Pizza Principle Strategy. This one weird strategy has completely reframed the college application strategy for hundreds of students. It will help you cut the fluff, and focus on the things that are most important as you compose your college applications.

Master The Fundamental Law Of Success. There is a secret rule that if you follow, you will increase the odds in your favor. We will go over this perspective, and it will change your life! Every successful person I know has mastered this principle, and many others who are struggling have no idea this exists!

Letter From Christian 

I can’t wait to get to know you and work with you personally.

Enroll now and get ready to discover how to stand out from a crowd, and accelerate your chances for college admissions success.

Together We Will Discover Your Value, Direction, and Purpose.

Then, Go Use Your Purpose To Change the World.

Christian Hansen

P.S. I have LIMITED SPOTS available. That means NOW is the time to take action and get your seat reserved. No excuses. This is YOUR time to learn how to shape your future and I’m going to show you how to make the most of it.

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Coaching Package Includes:

✔️Multiple 1-1 Sessions

✔️College Selection Coaching

✔️Individual Career Prep and Guidance

✔️Personalized College Major Selection Help

✔️Guided Mission Statement Exercise

✔️Personal Vision And Purpose Coaching

✔️Extra-Curricular Activity Development

✔️Influence Mindset Development Coaching

Pre-Essay Academy Coaching 


  • 6 Months of All the Coaching You Need To Build An Outstanding Personal College Profile 

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