Make Your College Application Stand Out

Make Your College Application Stand Out


Learn How To Stand Out For College & Beyond

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"I adored this book. Success isn't linear, the author suggests: a high GPA or stellar tests scores don't set you apart from the crowd. Even if you have them, so do armies of other applicants. The goal, he suggests, is to stand out from them, not just be "outstanding." You don't want to be background noise. Influence wins the day, not achievement. It was well written, clear, and compelling. It made me late to a haircut. That, to me, is another sign of an excellent book."

C. Swenson

"Even though I had an average GMAT score and GPA, the principles in this book helped me sell myself to where I got accepted into every school I applied to. HIGHLY recommend if you’re in any position where you’re trying to make yourself stand out (customers, interviewing, school, etc)."

MBA Candidate
HR Leader

"The author makes thoughtful references to make the tips hit home. Incredibly useful information for students, employees, and business people!"

H. M. Young
College Admissions Rep

"This book is a well balanced format of real world experience substantiated by cited research in a condensed format that is easy to read in a few hrs. The information was laid out in a straight forward manner leaving no guess work on how to properly apply the concepts taught. Invest the time to learn and apply how to stand out in this ever changing world by reading this book."

R. Brant

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What Other People Are Saying

"You gave me the confidence to succeed, and totally helped me re-think my application. I couldn't have done this without you."

Matt H.
Student, UC IRVINE

"You are a LIFESAVER! Every parent needs to hear this! You totally guided us through the process. THANK YOU!"

Mary F.

"Starting off I was completely overwhelmed, and had no idea where to start. You totally broke each step down and helped me learn strategies I had never even thought of!"

Sarah A.
Student, BYU

"You opened our minds to look at the process in a completely different way-- and that made all the difference. Thank you."

Mike P.

"I feel totally confident and know what my mission is! I'm excited to make it happen at college!"

Christine L.
Student, UNC Chapel Hill

"What a transformative process. We are bringing every one of our kids to you for help."

Sherry N.

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