The Secret Formula For College Essay Success

Through years of watching others succeed, I discovered the secret to standing out from the competition. There is a hidden formula behind all powerful essays: The STAIIIR Method


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The STAIIIR Method Will:

Make You Stand Out

If everyone is using the exact same approach, and the exact same strategies... that means you need to approach college essays differently.

Give Your Stories Power

Most people fail to tell compelling stories. Most of the time, its not the story thats the problem, but HOW people tell them! Knowing this approach will increase the impact of your essays.

Enhance Your Writing

Most applicants completely miss the point when it comes to writing college essays and telling stories in interviews. This strategy will make your writing appear more influential and dynamic!

"Christian, I honestly can't thank you enough. The STAIIIR Method completely transformed our son's application! It made essay writing so much simpler!""

Karen H.

"I honestly had no idea what I was doing, and was groping in the dark. The STAIIIR Method completely broke down the process into easy steps. It really is a formula!"

Kyle N.

"I feel totally confident in writing essays now. I will NEVER look at essays the same again! "

Claire L.

"I had no idea that there really is a science behind standing out. Once you see how it is structured, it totally makes sense! I look at my essays now in a totally different way!"

David T.

"Christian, I will never read or write an essay the same again! This is a game changer! We had no idea that this is how stories really work, but it makes such sense. THANK YOU!"

Elise M.

It's Time To Stand Out

Save yourself from weeks of frustration, and hours of wasted effort. More importantly, get ready to gain confidence in your writing as we go through this journey together!


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