Covid-19 Webinar Replay

Three Ideas On How To Use The Corona Virus

To Win On Your College Application

Time Stamped Cliff Notes:

00-4:00      True Story About Learning To Control Our Response

5:20           How College Admissions Works, And How The Corona Virus Changes Everything

15:30         How Extra-Curriculars Are Impacted, And The Long Awaited APOLOGY

19:45         Secret To Success In Life And The Most Controversial Life Advice You’ve Ever Heard

22:40         Big Mistake That Most People Make

24:40         Students: Learn How To Manipulate Adults

26:00         How To Upgrade Your Application AND YOUR LIFE

29:30         The 4 Ways Extra-Curricular Activities Are Reviewed And How Corona Gives You An Opportunity To Stand Out

34:15         Why 95% Of Students Are In BIG TROUBLE And How To Have A Golden Essay

40:40         Why Paying For Colleges Is Like Buying A Car

43:05         The Three Sources Of Money For College And My Freebie Give Away 

45:45         Recap 

Q&A Session

47:25         How Can Students Spend This Time To Stand Out Compared To Other Applicants?

48:45         What If My Target College Doesn’t Have The Best Program I’m Most Interested In

51:20         How Will The ACT Impact My Application In The Fall?

52:40         What If My ACT Score Is Too Low?

53:50         What If I Want To Do Research In HS And Also In College

55:35         What Are Other Ways I Can Solve Problems Right Now?

57:19         Can I Propose To A College They Should Create A New Program?

59:30         How Will AP Testing And College Credit Be Impacted

1:01:08      How Can I Get A Research Position With Professors?

1:06:20      What If I Don’t Know What I Want To Do?

1:14:24      Other Ideas To Strengthen Extra Curriculars During The Corona Virus Challenge

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