The "Done For You" Educational Coaching System


I've built a six-figure business helping students "Get In & Go Beyond".


I want to help you do that too.

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How The Turn Key Coaching System Works

STEP 1: For an Annual Fee, You Get Access to Proven Courses and Systems

  • The courses have been tested and streamlined with hundreds of students
  • They are designed to be taught remotely, and rely on a "Hybrid" delivery system which reduces your time by over 1/3.

STEP 2: I Will Guide You Step by Step How To Be an Education Consultant Through Trainings & Support Calls

  • We will have group training calls, monthly support groups, business/marketing tips & more!

STEP 3: You Help Students Thrive, Grow Your Business, and Keep the Profits

  • I'm here to help you build YOUR future as you help students build theirs!

A Coaching System Based On

Research Backed & Proven Strategies



Top College Guru System

Client Testimonials:

Tom, Dad:

“These are higher level concepts and thinking that changes everything. This is next level stuff. I hope my son can internalize this beyond our time together. These are clearly higher ways of thinking and communicating about setting yourself apart.”

Evelyn, Mom:

“When you start this college process, its overwhelming. Its hard plunking down money, but we have been blown away. You are 100% what you say you are. You guided my daughter every step of the way. This experience with you has been completely worth it, I have gotten every single penny out of it.”

Taylor, Student:

“My friend had such a hard time writing their essays compared to me. Working with you has saved me at least 20 hours.”

Monica, Mom: 

“You’ve given my son a framework and the skill to communicate thoughts, and present himself in an advantageous way in college and for the rest of his life.”

Tommy, Student: 

“Its crazy how much my essays have changed. They are not even in the same universe. I’ve learned how to REALLY tell a story, which is really cool and will help me for the rest of my life!”

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