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After giving an in depth review, I'll give individualized feedback for each of your essays. 

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I know how to help your essays stand out from the crowd. Let my experience enhance your writing!

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In my online course you will learn applicable strategies and perspectives that will fundamentally change how you write your essays!



You'll start by completing my intro course, "The STAR Essay Review" Where I will show you the most effective story telling strategies.



With my winning strategies guiding you, you will want to update your essays so they tell your story effectively!



I'll provide personalized feedback and helpful suggestions on how your essays can improve!



How many college essays can I submit?

Each Essay Review package includes an in-depth review for any two colleges of your choice. 

What about the UC App and the Common App?

The UC App counts as one school... no matter for how many schools you are using it for.

If a school uses the Common App AND requires additional supplemental essays, then I will review ALL of them combined as a single school.  

How does the Essay Review work?

It's pretty easy! Once you complete the STAR story format video on my course, I will provide a template where you can copy and paste your completed essays. Then, you email them to me, and within 48 hours I will send back a complete review with notes and suggestions via Google Docs. I will also provide an audio commentary so you can know exactly what each of my notes means.

I will provide feedback and help on grammar, spelling, and explain any suggestions or concerns I have. I will also give feedback on my overall impressions as an admissions reviewer and how other reviewers would consider your essay upon first reading.

I still have questions...

No worries! Just shoot our team an email at [email protected] and I am happy to answer any additional questions you may have.


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