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My name is Christian Hansen, and I'm the Top College Guru.

Have you ever worked really hard for something and felt like you were just spinning your wheels and not going anywhere? I sure have. In fact, when I was preparing for college and making plans for my future I felt like that all the time - and even worse - felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. 

It wasn't until years later that I learned this valuable lesson: Effort does not equal success. 

"Hold up!" I hear you say, "Aren't we supposed to work hard? Aren't we supposed to put forth effort in order to succeed?"

Absolutely. Yes.

Effort is CRITICAL.

But effort alone doesn't equal success. In many cases it is a precursor to success, the foundation of success... but it is not the same as success.

Yes, effort is integral... but it is incomplete. Because it's only half the equation. Success is contingent on effort combined with... a winning plan. A strategy. A direction.

I may give effort towards studying for an exam, but if that studying is not inline with effective strategies, or doesn't follow the path of success... then my efforts may go to waste.

Which is why its critical to know the right steps to take towards your goal and destination. More importantly, its important to have someone who knows the destination and the path of success... to help you make your path.

Which is what I want to do.

I've helped thousands of students find college success. And whether that success is preparing for college, getting into college, paying for college, and even graduating from college... I've helped students every step of the way.

I know the destination, and know whats more important. I can help you focus on what matters, and avoid what is a waste of time.

I'm looking forward to beginning this journey with you. I'm excited to combine my knowledge with your effort to create a winning plan. 

Because that's what I do.


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