What I Learned About College Apps From Valentine’s Day

What I Learned About College Apps From Valentine’s Day

admissions Feb 14, 2020


College application season is fast approaching and so is Valentine’s Day! As we look towards crafting the perfect applications, and the perfect “Love Day” gifts, we must realize that there are important skills to make you stand out not only to admissions teams but also to your significant other.

Whether this is your first Valentine’s day or your 20th here is one important rule of thumb to always keep in mind:

Instead of “fishing around”, make your Significant Other (S/O) (and your target school!) feel like they’re the only one you have in mind.

This will not only help you strengthen the connection between you and your significant other, but will also help you stand out during the college admissions process. Let’s take a closer look.

Regardless of the colleges you’re applying to, they are guaranteed to have a large amount of applications they have to sort through, and one of the biggest challenges you will inevitably realize is that you need to stand out from everyone else. As the Top College Guru, I have read thousands of applications and the biggest trend I’ve seen is most applicants only worry about standing out with  good grades, above average test scores, and impressive lists of achievements. They think that focusing solely on good grades, and getting great test scores are the single most important thing.

However, time and time again, admissions counselors have deemed successful candidates, as those who explain why they want to attend their target school, and what they can offer.  Showing a strong articulation of the reasons and the intentions behind their choice.

Similarly in dating, the last thing your Date wants to feel or hear is that you are dating them, “Just because.”  Or, “You’re just a good option for me at the moment.”

Colleges (and your Date!) want to feel like a priority. But no one will make you a “Priority” if you only consider them as an “Option.” Most anyone you’re dating, including the colleges you’re applying to, want to know the reasons behind your choice.

So, if this is your first rodeo in the relationship saddle and the college application bullpen, don’t worry. You have what it takes to be a successful applicant and the best Valentine and using this approach can make you the best contender in each arena. 

That said, you might need some help standing out from the crowd, to learn more about this strategy and others?  

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