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A lot of people ask me about how they can get scholarships, and if I can share any secrets to getting them.

Honestly, one of my first answers is: you need the right Perspective. You need to understand, like anything else of real value, scholarships take work, and to be successful you need to be diligent. And being diligent has its rewards! Let me explain with this story.

I have a friend whose family wanted to send him to college, but they simply didn’t have the funds. His Mom had heard about scholarships and asked her son to do as much research, and apply to as many scholarships as possible.

And so by the end of his Sophomore year, my friend began to enthusiastically search and look at all the options. He completed applications, sent them to various organizations, and got hustling. Well, despite a strong start he got a few rejection letters, and he missed some deadlines… and so getting discouraged… his efforts lagged. He even complained, "Why do I have to do all this work? I spend hours working on just one application and then I send it off into space with my fingers crossed, and no success!"

Luckily, he had a wise mother who shared this perspective. She said, "You just applied for a scholarship that awards $2,000, right?"

"Yes," he replied.

She then asked, “If you were to go and flip burgers, or mow a lawn or work at minimum wage- and get a pay check with taxes removed… how many hours would you have to work to save up $2,000?"

They did the math together and found out it would take well over 150 hours to earn the same amount.

She then said, “Look, we can’t afford to pay for your college and we know that education is important. All I’m asking is you spend the time you would be working anyways applying for scholarships.”

Thanks to the wisdom of his mother, this friend of mine continued working at it and became a master at applying for scholarships. In the end, not only did he graduate from college debt free… he actually graduated with a net positive amount of money. He actually made money by successfully applying for scholarships!

The rewards are out there for people who are willing to put in the work. But more important than work, you need to have a game plan for success. That’s what my friend had- he had a plan that he knew would work AND then he put in the effort.

So instead of just spinning your wheels in circles, how can you get a game plan for success?

That’s exactly what my webinar "How to get FREE Money for College" is designed to do.

In this webinar not only will you learn how to avoid the #1 mistake that people make in scholarship applications, but more importantly, you will learn how to get scholarships. So like my friend, if you are going to put in the effort anyways, let me guide you through the process step by step.

Check out the link below to see to save your spot. I’ll see you in the webinar!

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