What can we learn about college applications from influencers?

What can we learn about college applications from social media influencers?

What can we learn about college applications from social media influencers?

In a world where after 48 hours people only retain 1% of the content they have been exposed to, it’s imperative to separate oneself from the crowd to influence an application reviewer’s decision towards you. And the number one way to influence people towards you is to grab their attention. 

The first thing you need to take into account is gaining people’s attention is a privilege, not a right. They are not forced to listen to what your content is. They choose to. In order to move them towards you it is important that you are relatable and unique. 

An example would be using personal stories to share your experiences. Many times applicants list statistics and accomplishments, but they don’t explain the story behind how they achieved them. Thinking about social media influencers, is their own personal experiences (not lists of facts and figures) are what get your attention and makes them interesting and relatable.

Along those lines, when writing your essay, it is imperative to incorporate well thought out illustrations of why you are the best candidate. Remember, getting someone’s attention is a privilege and you want to ensure that they will continue to give not just attention but eventually a spot at their college!

At the end of the day, if something grabs our attention, we are influenced by it. If something doesn’t hold our attention, it is just background noise, and we move on. If you can grab their attention, then you are more likely to influence them and succeed in telling your story.

That’s what I teach people how to do. There are effective strategies you can employ that are proven to grab reviewer’s attention, and influence them to choose you.

If you want to know what these strategies are, take my affordable intro course: How to Jump-Start Your College Essay. Not only will you learn tons of useful strategies of how to grab attention, but you will learn my #1 essay strategy that has helped countless students get admitted into their dream school.

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